Brew Tea Co.

Brew Tea Co is for the tea drinkers. It’s never ‘just’ a cup of tea, and it’s never been simpler. Blended, tasted, packed and shipped from Manchester.

How it came about?

Client approached us wanting a new style of photography, something they could recognise as their own brand. They wanted a new direction in the business and wanted a more consumer-based client and new photography was important to attract this type of customer.

What we did?

To invent a new style of photography we started with ideas off the Internet, what they did and didn’t like and we then took this information and created a new style of photography.
We started with a test shoot to set this president style and created brand guidelines.
Client loved the new look, it sat really well with their packaging and branding, so we set about reshooting all the existing photography in the new style.

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“Honestly though Louisa you've done an AMAZING job. I love love love it all 💕✨”
Halah, Graphic Designer at Brew Tea Co.